Marketing Communication

Starts: 19 May, 2016
Duration : 2 Months
Instructors: Marketing Communication
Phone : (632) 740 0396
Fax: (632) 743 4321
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The course focuses on the optimal use of communication elements to push products and services to target markets. It will discuss, among others, packaging, positioning, promotions, pricing, and distribution. The course will also discuss how to prepare a marketing communication plan to achieve ‘client-product/service fit.”


  • An Overview of Marketing Communication’s Integrated Approach
  • Integrating Marketing and Communication for Greater Impact
  • Planning an Integrated Marketing Communication Program
  • The IMC Concept in Promoting Products and Services
  • Product Publicity Through Advertising and Promotions
  • Using Information Bureaus Effectively
  • Corporate Sponsorships and Events Tie-Ups
  • Ethical Considerations in Integrated Marketing Communication


  • Module
  • Presentations
  • Online discussion
  • Exercises and debriefing

Assessment Process: Based on Projects and Exercises
Course Duration: 2 Months
Course fee: Php 8,000