Below is the list of our short-term, non-degree training courses that we can offer exclusively for your group. Ask us for a proposal now! Tick the box of your preferred course(s) and indicate your estimated number of participants.


Corporate / Organizational Communication 

Number of Participants

Brand and Reputation Management

Business Research

Communication Audit 

Communication Planning

Communication Skills for Spokespersons

Cross-Cultural Communication

Events ManagementIntegrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication

Issues Management

Knowledge Management

Risk and Crisis Communication

Stakeholder Analysis and Management

Communication Campaigns

Communication Campaigns Planning

Behavior Change Communication

Developing Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials

Message Development

Social Mobilization and Advocacy

Business Communication

Case Study Writing

Effective Technical Writing and Editing

Great Customer Service

Powerful Oral Presentation and Public Speaking

Preparing Dynamic Presentations

Project Proposal Writing

Social Mobilization and Advocacy

Print and Digital Publications

News and Feature Writing for Company Publications

Managing Internal Publications


Writing for Your Website

Web Development, Administration and Content Management 

Working with Media

Effective Media Relations

Managing Media Appearances for TV and Radio

Managing PR Crisis

Maximizing Your Company’s Online Presence through Social Media

Communication for Entrepreneurs

Creating Simple Business AVPs with Movie Maker

Developing Your Marketing Flyers and Brochures

Digital Imaging: Retouching and Enhancing Your Products’ Photos and Images

Digital Marketing for SMEs

Maximizing Free Web Tools for Your Business Requirements

Product Photography

Writing Simple Scripts for Your AVP

E-Learning for Educators

Maximizing Free Web Tools for Learning 

Module Development for Online Learning

Uploading Your Module in Moodle

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Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication looks at the approach to managing a communication function that emphasizes and promote effectiveness, goodwill and understanding in an organization. The course teaches the students basic and advanced concepts in program planning, c... read more

  • Starts:
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Instructors: Corporate Communication

Marketing Communication

The course focuses on the optimal use of communication elements to push products and services to target markets. It will discuss, among others, packaging, positioning, promotions, pricing, and distribution. The course will also discuss how to prepare a ma... read more

  • Starts:
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Instructors: Marketing Communication

Technical Writing

AIJC’s Technical Writing Course Online helps professionals develop their skills in gathering, organizing, and rewriting technical materials for non-technical readers. It is intended for researchers, program/project managers, planning officers, instr... read more

  • Starts:
  • Duration: 2 Months
  • Instructors: Technical Writing

Communication Planning

Intended for communication and information officers in the public and private sectors who would like to upgrade their knowledge and skills in planning communication campaigns to generate awareness and increase knowledge of audiences on development program... read more

  • Starts:
  • Duration:
  • Instructors: Communication Planning

Speech Writing

This two-month online course will help the speech writer to effectively communicate the message that the client or organization wants to convey. The course will engage the participant in the overall workings of speech writing which among others will inclu... read more

  • Starts:
  • Duration:
  • Instructors: Speech Writing