Professional Development Program (PDP)

PDP offers short-term, non-degree courses in various communication. These courses are guaranteed to enhance participant’s professional competence.

Professional development program areas include: corporate (organizational) communication, communication consultancy, communication campaigns, strategic communication planning, business communication; print and electronic journalism, new emerging technologies, marketing communication, knowledge management, and online course development, working with mass media, among others.

Each program area is divided into specific training courses, with each course running for three to five days. The courses are offered either as in-house (exclusive to a particular client) or as public seminar.

Our competitive edge

  • Training design is needs-oriented and competency-based. Module content assures a balance of knowledge, attitudes/values and skills
  • Learning approaches are hands-on, experiential, interactive and participatory.
  • Resource persons are experts in communication and related fields.
  • Learning manuals or handbooks have been tested and are continuously revised and updated
  • There is follow-up interaction between trainers and clients/participants after the training Institutional clients of the AIJC Professional Development Program include national government agencies, local government units, media agencies, business corporations and international development organizations