Magkapatid (Dikdikan at Pambayo), 2017

Magkapatid (Dikdikan at Pambayo), 2017

Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20  

Opening Bid: Php 30,000 


The painting depicts the old process of rice milling and dehusking by hand-pounding the paddy (palay) using mortar (dikdikan) and pestle (pambayo), a traditional method that was widely practiced in the Philippines before the introduction of modern machines. The painting uses warm and bright colors to convey a sense of warmth and vitality, which may be the reason for its portrayal of two sisters. 


The painting reflects the artist’s desire to preserve and celebrate a part of Filipino heritage that is slowly fading away due to modernization and mechanization. It also reflects the artist’s hope that the viewer will see the relevance of knowing a part of the Philippines’ history and how it shaped the lives and identities of many Filipinos.  

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