Paano ang Kinabukasan, 2018

Paano ang Kinabukasan, 2018

Acrylic on canvas, 15 x 20 

Opening Bid: Php 28,000 


The painting shows the contrast between the simplicity and the complexity of life in the city and that the future is not only a matter of fate or destiny but also a matter of creativity and imagination. It may have hinted that the future is not only a product of external forces or circumstances, but also a reflection of internal values and visions. It may have also implied that the future is not only an individual or personal matter, but also a collective and social one. The artist may have wanted to challenge the viewers to think about their own future and the future of their country. She may have wanted to encourage the viewers to act and make a difference in their own way. She may have wanted to remind the viewers that the future is not predetermined or fixed, but rather depends on the choices and actions that they make today..

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