Sampaguita Girl, 2016

Sampaguita Girl, 2016

Acrylic on canvas, 19½ x 24  

Opening Bid:  Php 32,000 


The painting portrays a poignant and realistic scene of poverty and hardship in the poor communities in the Philippines, particularly among children. The girl is a sampaguita vendor, who makes and sells leis or garlands of the fragrant white flowers, the national flower of the country. The painting shows her standing behind a rail blockade, which suggests that she is not allowed or able to cross to the other side, where there might be more customers or opportunities. She looks young and innocent, but also weary and hopeless. Her eyes are sad and empty, as if she has lost her dreams and aspirations. The painting captures the contrast between the beauty and sweetness of the sampaguita flowers and the harshness and bitterness of the girl’s life. 


The painting invites the viewers to see the plight and the potential of the Filipino children. 

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