School of Communication & Information (SCI)

(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)Mission of the School of Communication & Information. The mission of the School of Communication & Information is to educate and nurture communication and information professionals and academics, to advance knowledge, and to serve society.

School of Language and Communication

(National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand)

The era of globalization entails cross-cultural and transnational communication. As language is a major means of communication, knowledge and skills in language and communication are essential. This knowledge and skills will enable people from all walks of life to excel in their endeavors. Being aware of the importance of such knowledge and skills, the School of Language and Communication has developed a master’s degree program in language and communication. Focusing on language and communication, this program is unique in that it equips students with both theoretical and practical knowledge in language and communication. Graduates of this program will be able to apply the knowledge gained to their careers

Master of Arts in Communication Arts (MA CA)

(Siam University, Thailand)

Mission of the School of Communication & Information

Master of Arts in Communication Arts Program endeavors to help qualified students to become accomplished graduated who possess knowledge and expertise in the field of communications, public relations and advertising, which can be used in a professional capacity. Fields of application in communications principles include business management, state enterprise and the public sector for the benefit of society, organizations with which graduates are affiliated and graduates themselves.

School of Journalism & Communication (SJC)

(Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Excerpt from Introduction to Chinese University of Hong Kong Our program has the longest history of communication education and research in Hong Kong. Introduced in 1965, The Chinese University of Hong Kong has developed numerous undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorial courses. Among the Master’s Degrees offered are in the field of, Business Administration, Humanities, Master of Social Science (Corporate Communication), Master of Arts (Journalism), and Master of Science (New Media).

Akademi Kewartawanan dan Informasi Taima (AKIT)

(Taima Academy of Journalism and Information)

(Institut Akhbar Malaysia, Malaysia)

Mission of the School of Communication & Information An Institute of producing manpower in a field of journalism. Located in the business area in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. A member of Institut Akhbar Malaysia(IAM).