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Course Description

This online training enables participants to understand the media landscape and how the media work. They will learn how to build relationships with reporters and editors, develop a media strategy to achieve their communication goals, acquire tips in managing press conferences and media interviews, and gain techniques in handling negative publicity.  Participants will also learn practical tips to improve their chances of seeing their news items published in national media.

Course Schedule

The training is scheduled on October 7 to 8, 2021.

Who Should Attend

The course is ideal for communication officers or information officers handling public and media relations, and company spokespersons.

Course Content

Overview of Philippine Media Landscape

Media Relations Techniques
Principles of public and media relations
Media networking strategies
Understanding the blogging environment
Organizing and conducting a press conference
Managing PR crisis

Developing a Media Strategy
Identifying and packaging content for various audiences
Determining proper channels (including social media) and format

Getting Stories Published
Guidelines in preparing press releases
Knowing where, when, to whom, and how to submit press releases
Ethical considerations in publication of news materials

Managing Media Appearances
Types of media interviews
Preparing for an interview focusing on packaging messages
Delivering responses and handling difficult questions
Proper attire, accessories, makeup

Learning Methodologies


  • Lecture sessions
  • Case studies


  • Workshop

Learning Setup

The training will be conducted using online video-conferencing facilities that will be hosted by AIJC. The link to the training session will be shared only with the Resource Person and the training participants for uninterrupted learning. Participants need to ensure their access to reliable internet connectivity during the training sessions.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the participants will be more adept at:

  • managing media as important partners in corporate communication work; and in
  • crafting and implementing media strategies to achieve better media relations.

Learning Investment

Course fee is PHP13,000.00 per participant.

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