Graduate School

AIJC offers two master’s degree programs: Master of Arts in Communication (MA Communication) and Master of Arts in Journalism (MA Journalism). It envisions as graduates professionals equipped with high-level communication competencies and capable of becoming effective leaders of change in different areas of endeavor. The MA Communication program enhances student capacity to use mainstream and new media in communicating within and outside the organization. It seeks to advance effective communication in education, health, livelihood, and other areas of social development. The MA Journalism program focuses on knowledge and skills in news development, identification and analysis of current communication issues, study and evaluation of journalism practices, and integration of new information and communication technology in news development and newsroom management.


While primarily for communication and mass media practitioners, the programs cater also to professionals in information technology, business management, education, and other fields where communication is of critical importance.

The pioneering graduate school challenges the traditional concept of graduate education through innovative and pioneering courses, learning approaches, and teaching methods. It uses the blended learning mode of instruction, utilizing both face-to-face and online methods. It also provides students with practical and relevant education through their involvement in AIJC’s research projects and networking with partners.


Among the Institute’s professors are well-known academics, communication specialists, veteran print and broadcast journalists (including publishers and editors), and information and communication technology experts.

AIJC’s programs are ladderized, enabling the student to earn certificates while moving toward the master’s degree:

  • First 15 units – Graduate Certificate
  • Second 12 units – Graduate Diploma
  • Final 12 units – Master’s Degree

AIJC graduates are encouraged to explore emerging career paths, such as design of distance education, development of multimedia learning materials, change management and crisis communication, media entrepreneurship, and new media and knowledge management.

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