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Seminar Description

This online seminar shares with participants practical tips and techniques in preparing for a webinar.  It aims to impart industry practices in setting up webinars to ensure that these are implemented seamlessly.  With online learning sessions becoming the norm now, it is imperative for companies to learn how to properly organize and run webinars so that their audiences will gain the most from these sessions. 

Seminar Schedule

The seminar will be conducted from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on September 21, 2021. 

Who Should Attend

The seminar is recommended for public relations officers who organize online learning activities such as webinars, training courses, scientific fora, or similar sessions for their organizations. 


Preparation stage
Identifying topic, audience, and purpose of webinar
Coordinating logistical requirements
Conducting the technical dry run

Implementation stage
Run-through prior to actual start of webinar
Interface with webinar facilitator
Handling questions from participants
Managing technical glitches

Post-implementation stage
Assessing gains from webinar
Identifying areas for improvement 

Practical tips and techniques as organizer:

Learning Methodologies


  • Lecture sessions
  • Open forum
  • Audio-video presentations

Learning Setup

The training will be conducted using online video-conferencing facilities that will be hosted by AIJC. The link to the training session will be shared only with the Resource Person and the training participants for uninterrupted learning. Participants need to ensure their access to reliable internet connectivity during the training sessions. 

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the participants will gain practical tips and techniques in preparing, managing, and assessing the success of webinars, learning sessions, and similar online activities for their organizations. 

Learning Investment

Course fee is PHP1,350.00 per participant.

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