Below is the list of our short-term, non-degree training courses that we can offer exclusively for your group. Ask us for a proposal now! Tick the box of your preferred course(s) and indicate your estimated number of participants.


Corporate (Organizational) Communication 

Number of Participants

Communication Planning

Communication Audit 

Issues Management and Risk Communication

Change Management

Knowledge Management

Process Documentation of Development Projects

Cross-Cultural Communication

Communication Consultancy Program

Project (Grant) Proposal Writing

Communication Consultancy Management

Development Project Management

Design and Implementation of Training Courses

Communication Campaigns

Communication for Development (C4D)

Social and Behavior Change Communication

Social Mobilization and Advocacy

Social Marketing

Developing Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials

Managing Political Campaigns

Monitoring and Evaluating Communication Programs

Business Communication

Written Business Communication

Effective Technical Writing and Editing

Powerful Presentation Skills

Print and Electronic Publications

News and Feature Writing for Company Publications

Managing and Editing Internal Publications

Web Writing

Web Development, Administration and Content Management 

Marketing Communication Program

Advertising Management

Sales Promotion

Consumer Behavior

The Art of Negotiation

Quality Customer Service Management

Interpersonal and Group Communication Skills

Working with Mass Media

Effective Media Relations

Handling Media Appearances

Working with Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social Media as Public Information Tools

Maximizing Online Presence Using Social Media

Social Media Analytics

E-Learning in a Knowledge Society

Learning Module Development

Designing an Alternative Learning System

Learning Management System Development

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