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Mainstreaming Media and
Information Literacy (MIL) with the Youth

AIJC is working with youth
organizations in the Philippines in
mainstreaming media and information

literacy (MIL) through workshops and
coaching sessions.

These initiatives are part of the MIL in Youth Civic Engagement Project implemented by AIJC with support from UNESCO and in cooperation with the National Youth Commission.


In September 2020, AIJC engaged the first batch of youth organizations in the MIL Orientation and Planning Workshop, where the participants drafted action plans on how to integrate MIL into their organizational policies and activities. Phone consultations are also being scheduled with participating organizations with limited internet access.


In the coaching sessions that will follow, participating organizations will be guided in the finalization and implementation of their MIL action plans.

This is just the beginning, as the project is being expanded to include more youth organizations and partners!

MIL Framework in Youth Civic Engagement in the Philippines

Filipino youth organizations are welcome to share their inputs and comments until January 10, 2021. Download the PDF of the draft here.
Please email your feedback to You may send a list of inputs/suggested revisions or send the PDF with your inputs/comments.

Contributors to the MIL
Framework in Youth Civic
Engagement in the Philippines

  • Asian Institute of
    Journalism and Communication (AIJC)
  • National Youth
    Commission (NYC)
  • National Council for
    Children’s Television
  • Philippine Association
    for Media and
    Information Literacy

Participating Youth

  • Highlight the Impact.
    Forward, Youth
    Volunteers (High FYV) Inc.
  • San Jose Del Monte
    Free College Entrance
    Exam Review Guild
  • Sustainable Energy and
    Enterprise Development
    for Communities
  • United Diwata Familia
  • United Leaders of the
  • Youth Advocates for the
    Philippines (YAP)
  • ASEAN Youth
    Advocates Network
  • Youth for Earth Society
  • Pag-asa Youth
    Association of the
  • PLMun University
    Student Council
  • Lanao Youth Council,

AIJC works with Filipino youth organizations in mainstreaming media and information literacy

30 Filipino youth organizations sign up for AIJC’s media and information literacy project

News literacy videos produced under the
Developing Champion Teachers in News Literacy Project
by the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC)
with Google, Love Frankie and the University of Hong Kong

The news literacy module is intended to provide Media and Information Literacy (MIL) teachers in Senior High School with a framework for teaching news literacy as part of the MIL course.

Accomplish this form to receive a free copy of the news literacy module from AIJC.

If you have any queries, please email the AIJC Research, Policy, and Advocacy Unit at

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