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“MIL CLICKS” stands for Media and Information Literacy: Critical thinking/Creativity, Literacy, Intercultural, Citizenship, Knowledge and Sustainability. It’s a social media movement that aims to share how to identify credible sources and how to evaluate information—that’s what media and information literacy or MIL is all about!

We can’t just believe anything we read online. We need to distinguish between the trustworthy sources and the suspicious ones.

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The Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC) is UNESCO’s partner in promoting the MIL CLICKS social media movement in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific.


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Friends don’t let friends spread suspicious tweets! Learn more about how to judge content on social media, and get your friends to do the same.

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State of the News Media Today (Philippines)

A session at the 11th Pinoy Media Congress organized by the Philippine Association of Communication Educators Foundation, Inc. (PACE) and ABS-CBN Corporation, February 16, 2017, Saint Mary’s College of Quezon City.
Resource Speaker: Ging Reyes, Head, Integrated News and Current Affairs