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Course Description

This course is online-mentored and designed to help organizations manage their knowledge assets for more effective decisions and actions. It is jointly offered by AIJC and the Community and Corporate Learning for Innovation, Inc. (CCLFI).

The course runs for 18 weeks, features workplace practice of over two dozen basic knowledge management (KM) skills, and includes an in-depth workplace practicum that will directly benefit organizations. Designed to adjust to the working schedules of participants, it can be pursued at the convenience of the participant and will require only about three hours per week.

Course Schedule

The course will start on January 26, 2022.

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for communication practitioners, corporate planners, human resource educators, information, communication and technology (ICT) specialists, quality management officers, and knowledge management officers who desire to learn how the practice of KM can be maximized to improve decision making, collaboration across the organization, and the capture and reuse of knowledge to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Course Content

Principles and concepts in KM will be discussed over ten weekly learning sessions. Optional lessons will be available for participants who want to learn more. Each module focuses on a specific topic.

Module 1:  Definitions and KM framework
Optional: KM for the public and development sectors

Module 2:  Tacit and explicit knowledge
Optional: What is more valuable?

Module 3: Aligning KM with organizational objectives

Optional: KM logframe for development projects

Optional: Measuring the social reach of a knowledge product/service

Module 4: Demand-driven KM

Optional: Demand-driven KM: Whose demand?

Optional: Towards an ethical code for KM practitioners

Module 5: Selecting the right KM tool

Optional: Knowledge translation: writing and delivering user-responsive

knowledge products

Optional: Quad bottom line

Module 6: Organizational learning
Optional: Tools for cross-project learning
Optional: Communities of Practice

Module 7: Innovation: organizational practices

Optional: Social innovation

Module 8: Innovation: individual practices

Optional: Personal stories of innovating new development tools

Module 9: Managing intellectual capital

Optional: Community intellectual capital and other intangible assets

Module 10: KM assessments and action planning for KM practicum
Optional: Success factors in KM implementation

Course Methodologies

The course is online-mentored and has weekly synchronous Saturday sessions. Each participant can log in several times during the week and at any time conveniently suited to his/her daily schedule. The participant devotes a total of about three hours per week for the course.

Learning Experts

The course will be conducted online by KM experts from CCLFI, the most experienced
company in knowledge management in the Philippines since 1999.


Serafin D. Talisayon, PhD
Director for Research and Development
Community and Corporate Learning for Innovation, Inc.


Daan Boom, PhD
Director for International Projects
Community and Corporate Learning for Innovation, Inc.

Course Benefits

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to:

  • link KM with organizational performance objectives, including enhancing productivity and innovation;
  • practice 30 basic or unit knowledge management skills along six areas: establishing and managing workplace learning processes, managing intellectual capital, making KM assessments and measurements, enhancing organizational performance, managing the content of a website, and motivating knowledge workers; and
  • select, adopt, practice, and document a KM tool or solution appropriate to one’s workplace or business process problem.

Course Investment

Course fee per participant is PHP38,400.00 if Philippine-based, or USD1,080.00 if overseas-based. If paid within 30 days after the course start date, the course fee is only PHP32,000.00 and USD900.00, respectively. If paid before the course start date, the fee is only PHP28,800.00 and USD810.00, respectively.

Class Size 

Desired class size is at least 25 and a maximum of 35 participants. AIJC and CCLFI reserve the right to reschedule the start date of the class if the desired class size is not met.

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