Classification of Stakeholders

Classification of Stakeholders


Each student presented his/her stakeholder mapping activity, with each one assuming a role in the organization where stakeholders are visibly involved. They classified various stakeholders in their mapping activities. For example, Jose Mari Aguilar Jalandoni, in this scenario he is the e-commerce head of procurement. He makes sure that all of the items and all of the materials needed by the company are procured on time and in the right quantities and with the right qualities to benefit internal stakeholders. Ma. Saddy Mila Ena Barranco Rillorta, in this case, commented that the procurement team that actually processes our activities conducts the process. Krishna Xeniteia Pusta Rola posed the question: So, you set demand and supply chain on e-commerce, why did you still opt to make your customers a secondary stakeholder when in fact they create the demand in terms of what kind of products or goods should be bought and sold in your e-commerce platform? Prof. Lady Ochel Espinosa emphasized that now, the students know the marketing agency, about what the agency needs, and then, when the marketing agency/contractor facilitates or formulates a way on how to supply what their client needs. The function of procurement thus needs to know what kind of stakeholder level you are giving them or identifying them with vis-a-vis procurement specifically and not being also the end users. Probably that’s not a question, but a suggestion to take note of in terms of definitions of what the function of procurement is.

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30 September 2023

Prof. Lady Ochel C. Espinosa instructed the students to identify their stakeholders more clearly and map them according to separate functions. Students must create their selected scenarios and classify their stakeholders into primary stakeholders, secondary stakeholders, and so forth. Prof. Espinosa explained that some stakeholders may be double-booked or mentioned several times. It is important to identify and understand all these various relationships so the student will learn how to manage each level, each group, or each type of stakeholder.

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