Communication and Media Research (including documentation)

Project: Multidisciplinary Inquiry on the Culture of Impunity in the Killing of Filipino Journalists
Client: UNESCO
Date: 2011-2012
Description: The objectives of the research is to define the culture of impunity and identify its root causes (or putative causalities) from a multidisciplinary perspective and by examining the socialization process in key social institutions (family/community, education and communication media) and the workings of our politico-economic system; to identify and describe manifest and latent indicators of culture of impunity as well as the existing or emerging patterns in disregarding the rule of law and disrespect for human rights leading to killing of journalists; to identify facilitating and mediating factors in perpetuating the culture of impunity in society; and to propose appropriate structures, policies, and programs that can address the issue of culture of impunity.

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