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Building Trust Online: Social Media for Government and Non-Profits

Building Trust Online: Social Media for Government and Non-Profits

This 16-hour Public Official Course provides exceptional social media management training that will help public institutions and non-profit organizations better reach their stakeholders and fulfill their mandate. This course is also crucial in building trust online, strengthening community relationships, and increasing engagement, which are all opportunities to emerge as a trusted source of information.

Course Schedules: August 01, 2024 August 02, 2024

Individual Rate: 15,000 PHP (260 USD)

Online Live via

Course Structure

Day 1: Social Media Management Basics (morning)

Session 1: Things to know in Social Media Management
– Defining social media and how to manage it
– Overview of popular social media platforms
– Importance of social media for public institutions and non-profits

Session 2: Strategizing Social Media
– Setting clear social media objectives
– Identifying target audiences and stakeholders
– Aligning social media strategy with organizational goals

Test 1: Understanding the role of social media in fulfillment of organizational goals.

Day 1: Content Creation and Management (afternoon)

Session 3: Crafting Engaging Content
– Types of content that resonate with audiences
– Techniques for creating visually appealing and informative posts
– Tone-setting and basics of copywriting

Session 4: Content Calendar and Scheduling
– The element of time and its importance in boosting presence
– Importance of content calendar
– Tools and techniques for scheduling posts
– Differentiating planned content with real-time engagement

Test 2: Evaluating the initial capacity of students in content creation and scheduling.

Day 2: Incorporating Community Engagement to Build Trust (morning)

Session 5: Strengthening Community Relationships
– Strategies for engaging with followers and stakeholders
– Inbox management and responding to comments
– Proactive creation of opportunities for two-way communication

Session 6: Building Trust Online
– Utilizing social media for transparency reports of organization
– Best practices for maintaining consistent, authentic, and trustworthy online presence
– Case studies of successful trust-building initiatives

Test 3: Gauging the proficiency of students to develop ideas for community and trust-building engagements

Day 2: Impact-Driven Social Media Utilization (afternoon)

Session 7: Creating Campaigns and Advocacy
– Propagation of information, education, and campaign (IEC) on social media
– Practical exercises in developing and managing a social media campaign
– Navigating the algorithm through targeted social media strategy

Test 4: Understanding social media advertising and campaign management for public and non-profit sectors.


2-Week Study


8 Hours/Day


Live Online Classes


4 Tests, 1 Output






Dry Stamp Physical & Digital Certificate


MS Office/Google Suite, Zoom Professional, Viber

What You’ll Learn
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Enhance the social media presence of their respective organizations (government and non-profits alike)
  • Establish an engaging relationship among their constituents and stakeholders
  • Fulfill their organization’s mandates with presence and increased trust online
Course Schedules
  • Day 1: August 01, Thurs. 9AM to 5PM
  • Day 2: August 02, Fri. 9AM to 5PM
Corporate Rates Available.

Special Packages and Rates are available for your organization.

Course Instructor

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