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Crafting Clear Corporate Messages: A Guide to Technical Writing

The Path to Efficiency with Clear Corporate Messages

This 8-hour Fast Track Course is designed to upskill professionals to write clear corporate messages, efficiently explaining complex topics and concepts in their field. This is also an engaging course that could cater to simplifying a lot of documents and processes, which may include but are not limited to manuals, technical instructions, analysis reports, and product assembly guides.

Courses Schedule: July 07, 2024 July 13, 2024

Individual Rate: 9,000 PHP (160 USD)

Online Live via

Course Structure

Day 1: Clarity in corporate messages through Technical Writing

Session 1: Introduction to Corporate Technical writing
– Overview of technical writing and its importance in the corporate setting
– Common types of corporate technical document
– Writing with clarity and precision

Session 2: Understanding Corporate Messages and Instructions
– What to look for: company vision, mission, and editorial guidelines
– Identifying internal and external audiences in conveying corporate messages
– Best practices in creating user-friendly manuals and writing instructions with the right structure

Test 1: Gauging the understanding in technical writing and its application in the corporate setting.

Day 2: Furnishing Corporate Documents

Session 3: Editing and Proofreading
– Spotting jargons and simplifying concepts with accuracy
– Editing based on clarity of message, information comprehensiveness, and readability
– Proofreading strategies and tools

Test 2: Reading corporate document and spotting best practices and common mistakes, followed by a peer review and feedback from instructor

Final Project: Create a simplified technical document (e.g., a manual, instruction guide, or report) for an SOP/best practice manual of a certain responsibility from your current/previous job, incorporating techniques learned throughout the course. [1-Week Deadline]


2-Week Study


8 Hours/Day


Live Online Classes


2 Tests, 1 Project






Framed Physical & Digital Certificate


MS Office/Google Suite, Zoom Professional, Viber

What You’ll Learn
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  •  Simplify overwhelming information and complex processes in the corporate setting
  • Translate information into workplace efficiency
  • Create writing guidelines that will match their corporate’s vision and mission
Course Schedules
  • Day 1: July 07, 8AM to 12pm
  • Day 2: July 13, 8AM to 12pm
Corporate Rates Available.

Special Packages and Rates are available for your organization.

Course Instructor

Dr. Pauline Gidget Estella is a researcher and lecturer based in Germany, with teaching and supervision engagements in Sweden and Turkey. She previously held the position of assistant professor at the University of the Philippines. Currently, Dr. Estella is one of the researchers in the DECIPHER project, a comparative study funded by the German Research Foundation, which examines COVID-19-related crisis communication in Europe and the U.S.
Dr. Estella has extensive experience teaching communication research, journalism, and intercultural communication in reputable institutions in Germany, the Philippines, and Turkey. Beyond academia, she has provided consultancy services for various stakeholders, including research consultancy for international organizations such as the European Journalism Centre, and curriculum evaluation consultancy for the Philippine Department of Education. Additionally, she has worked as a workplace communication consultant for numerous government agencies and private companies in the Philippines.
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