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From Words to Emotions: Crafting Speeches with Clarity and Impact

Captivating the Audience with Impactful Speech

This 8-hour Fast Track Course seeks to transform your speechwriting skills, navigating the art of conveying impactful ideas with confidence and clarity. Writing would also consider the importance of body language, vocal tone, and other non-verbal cues that can help emphasize the message and captivate the audience.

Course Schedules:
August 03, 2024 August 10, 2024

Individual Rate: 9,000 PHP (160 USD)

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Course Structure

Day 1: Fundamentals of Effective Speechwriting

Session 1: Introduction to Speechwriting
– The importance of speech and how words can emulate action
– Key elements of an effective speech
– Analyzing the structure and content of great speeches

Session 2: Crafting the Content
– Structuring the speech: opening, body, and conclusion
– Deciding a clear and compelling message
– Using anecdotes and other storytelling styles to illustrate points
Test 1: Assessing how the students understand the fundamentals and the content development of speech.

Day 2: Captivating the Audience

Session 3: Audience Engagement
– Techniques to engage the audience from the beginning to the end
– Interactive elements to involve the audiences
– Cross-cultural communication to navigate considerations

Session 4: Supplementing with Speech Delivery
– Importance of body language, gestures, and facial expressions
– Specifying tones to convey emotions and emphasize points
– Pacing techniques
– Flexibility and adaptability in presentations
Test 2: Assessing knowledge of non-verbal and verbal communication techniques and its role in effective speech delivery.


2-Week Study


4 Hours/Week


Live Online Classes


2 Quizzes, 1 Project






Framed Physical & Digital Certificate


MS Office/Google Suite, Zoom Professional, Viber

What You’ll Learn

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Write compelling speeches that capture the interest of their audiences
  • Enhance the way they communicate impact-driven ideas
  • Continuously improve writing speeches by analyzing audiences’ reception
Course Schedules
  • Day 1: August 03, 2024, Sat. 1PM to 4pm
  • Day 2: August 10, 2024, Sat. 1PM to 4pm
Corporate Rates Available.

Special Packages and Rates are available for your organization.

Course Instructor

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