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Quick Response: Rapid Crisis Management PR Strategies

Addressing Crisis Situation with Swift Public Relations Response

This 8-hour Fast Track Course provides aspiring media and public relations professionals with essential knowledge, skills, and preparedness to strategize a swift but well-executed crisis response. By the end of this course, the participants will grasp how to evaluate crisis and conflict and devise strategies, minimizing escalation and maintaining stakeholder trust in their organization or company.

Course Schedules: July 20 & July 27, 2024

Individual Rate: 9,000 PHP (160 USD)

Online Live via

Course Structure

Day 1: Why Crisis Management is important

Session 1: Introduction to Crisis Management
– Definition and types of crises
– Key components of a crisis response plan
– What is at stake? Individual and organizational harm

Session 2: Crisis Evaluation and Assessment
– Identifying signs of a potential crisis
– Gauging severity and impact of impending crises
– Initial crisis evaluation and how to respond

Test 1: Assessing the students’ capacity spot potential crisis and evaluate

Day 2: Strategizing Immediate Crisis Response

Session 3: Developing Immediate Crisis Response Plan
– Identifying key components of a crisis response plan and roles during a crisis
– Immediate actions to take during a crisis
– Techniques for managing media relations during a crisis

Session 4: Maintaining Stakeholder Trust
– Best practices for immediate crisis response
– Tailoring messages for different stakeholder groups
– Evaluating effectiveness of the crisis response and continuous improvement of future plans

Test 2: Evaluating the proficiency in developing crisis response plan

Final Project: Develop a comprehensive crisis management plan for a hypothetical crisis scenario. (1-Week Deadline)


8 Hours


2 Days/4 Hours per Day


Live Online Classes


2 Tests, 1 Final Project






Framed Physical Certificate Available


MS Office/Google Suite, Zoom Professional, Viber

What You’ll Learn

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively respond to the immediate crisis that the company with appropriate PR strategies
  •  Enhance preparedness in crisis and develop initial protocols (e.g. initial evaluation)
  • Strategize ethically with consideration to the business/organization and stakeholders
Course Schedules
  • Day 1: July 20, 2024, Sat. 8AM to 12PM
  • Day 2: July 27, 2024, Sat. 8AM to 12PM
Corporate Rates Available.

Special Packages and Rates are available for your organization.

Course Instructor

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