Welcome Speech

Welcome Speech

Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio of the Supreme Court of the Philippines

AIJC Board of Trustees

Chairman Mel V. Velarde

AIJC President Emeritus Dr Florangel Rosario Braid

Members of the AIJC Board of Trustees present today:

Dr. Corazon PB Claudio
Dean Olive Villafuerte
Dr. William Torres
Dr. Rogelio C. Cuyno, former President of AIJC
Professor Ramon R. Tuazon, current President of AIJC

Officials of the NOW Corporation:

Mr. Vicente Peñanueva
Ms. Ellen Dimailig
Fellow AIJC students receiving a Graduate Certificate or a
Graduate Diploma
Fellow Master of Arts Graduates present today
Parents, relatives, and friends:

It is my pleasant task this afternoon to welcome you as our guests to this Graduation and Recognition Ceremonies today, June 7, 2019.

Today, we celebrate the results of the hard work, the tears, the smiles, and the laughter we experienced for the past three or more years, as we studied and worked for our Master’s degrees.

Today is the significant day when we all receive the fruits of our labor.

Well, we did it.

This important occasion marks our success, which, despite our own busy journeys as teachers, as businesspersons, as parents, as sons or daughters, or as siblings, brings us together to graduate finally as Master of Arts in Journalism and as Master of Arts in Communication degree holders.

Today, we are the proud graduates of the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication.

Well, we did it.

To all who helped and supported us throughout this journey, thank you very much from the bottom of all our hearts.

We acknowledge our school administrators and mentors. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for the learning. Thank you for the memories. And in many instances, thank you for the sacrifices you have made for us.

Well, we did it.

Thank you to President Tuazon, Dr. Madeline Quiamco and all our professors (I cannot mention you one by one). We thank you for your sacrifices included extending your work hours just to accommodate us so we could meet your deadlines. Thank you, too, to all the AIJC Graduate Program staff: Dr. Paz H Diaz, Acting Dean, Ms Patti Morales, our Registrar, and Ms. Airra Tadeo, our Librarian.

Heartfelt thanks to our ever-supportive AIJC Officers, Prof. Ramon R. Tuazon (our president); Mrs. Imelda E. Samson, Vice President; Ms. Maria Sophia B. Varlez, Director of the Professional Development Program; Mr. Pierangelo Alejo; Ms. Loregene Macapugay; Ms. Virgie M. Nieva; Ms. Mae Macaraeg; Mr. Zandro Espolong; Mr. Ariel Benitez; and Mr. Erwin Bobares – thank you for always being available for all of our needs during our class sessions. When we needed clarity for our studies and assignments, when we needed food during our classes, when we needed photocopies of the lectures, you were there, always ready to help us.

This voyage would have not been complete without you.

Well, we did it.

Thank you to our families – parents, siblings, partners – our relatives and friends. Thank you for the encouragement you have offered us. Your simple gestures of tapping our backs, your short words such as “kumusta na?”, “tapos ka na ba?”, “matatapos din iyan” in one way or another had a profound impact on us. Maraming salamat po. Pinagtyagaan ninyo po kami despite our different temperaments, our lack of sleep, our lack of patience sometimes,
and our busy schedules.

Salamat po kasi nariyan kayo.

Well, we did it.

My dear batchmates. Salamat din. Hindi man po natin nakasabayan ang bawat isa. Salamat po sapagkat nagkakasama-sama tayo sa mga assembly at meetings. Thank you for the smiles, for the networks, for the reviewers, and for the advices.

Well, we did it.

We are here today to participate in the praise of our achievements. This celebration is a testament of what one can do through perseverance and patience. Through love of work and love of education.

We are here to reflect on how we spent the time we had with all the wonderful people who are here today in this hall. We are here to celebrate not just the degrees or certificates that we will receive, but the relationships we have built, and the knowledge and time that we have shared.

Well, we did it.

Most of all, ladies and gentlemen, let us not forget to thank the Lord, the omnipotent, powerful Being. He is indeed our source of strength. May He continuously guide us through the rest of our lives. Thank you Lord for being with us always.

Again, I welcome everyone and thank you all for joining us today.

Let us all enjoy the program that has been prepared by AIJC for us!


God bless us all.

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