about us

The Philippine National Observatory on Information Society (PNOIS) is a web portal on ICT policies and programs which can be used to help meet the challenges of the Information Society.



The Media Museum, formerly called the PHILIPPINE COMMUNICATION CENTRUM is envisioned to be virtual hub where people and technology converge to enhance the utilization of information and communication resources for development and progress.

Developed by the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC)with support from UNESCO, the CENTRUM has the following objectives:


To be a genuinely interactive forum and common ground for communication students and practitioners to study, discuss and communicate development issues and socio-political events.

To be the premier repository of resources chronicling the history, evolution, current directions and trends of communication and mass media in the Philippines.


The Centrum Virtual Museum or website has the following features:

  1. The Knowledge Centrum is working to become a resource on information or knowledge useful for making strategic decisions in development issues. It features, among others, conferences, forums, best practices or communication strategies that work, and in depth researches on communication.
  2. The Media Museum features the history and evolution of communication in the Philippines, luminaries in communication and mass media, media trends, and exhibits of communication artifacts and landmarks in electronic format. Under the Media Museum are the following:
    • Timeline - Shows the historical development of communication in the Philippines from pre-Spanish times to the present.
    • Who’s Who in Communication and Mass Media - Meet the icons in the field of Philippine communication. Explore the creative genius of communication educators, journalists, and other media experts.
    • The Exhibit Hall – Display a memorabilia on the evolution of communication equipment from the early years to present
  3. Philippine National Observatory on the Information Society (PNOIS). The PNOIS is a public service web portal that provides information on ICT policies, programs and development that can be used, shared, and utilized to help meet the challenges of the Information Society.
  4. E-Library - This is a preliminary listing of books and articles on the media and communication sectors of the Philippines, written by both Filipino and foreign scholars.