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Displays memorabilia on the evolution of communication equipment from the early years to present

Evolution of Newspapers

Del Superior Govierno (1811)

The first newspaper printed in movable type which gave news of the Napoleonic invasion in Spain.

La Esperanza (1846)

The first daily which began publication in 1846 but escaped detection by the Spanish censors for three years.

Diario de Manila (1848)

Edited by Felipe del Pan, which lived up to 1899. It was the only newspaper that did not undergo banning by the Spanish officials. Founded 1848, the magazine existed for 38 years.

El Catolico Filipino (1862)

On February 1, 1862, the first religious newspaper by Fr. Pedro Pelaez. This paper precipitated the Cavite rebellion. Published by Mariano Sevilla, the paper carried the slogan "Religious Unity" and called on all Filipinos to unite under one church. Ironically, the church did not have a hand in the organization nor in the circulation of the paper. An organ of information based on Catholic principles.

La Opinion (1887)

Founded on April 1, 1887 and lasted up to 1890, was the first politics-oriented daily. It was considered the cheapest paper at that time costing 50 centavos for a month's subscription.

La Solidaridad and the Revolutionary Papers (1889)

A fortnightly periodical published by Filipino emigres in Spain in 1889, became the vehicle through which nationalistic views were propagated. Its first editor was Graciano Lopez Jaena. - Other revolutionary papers of the time include Kalayaan, La Libertad, La Independenda, La Republica Filipinas, La Revolucion, El Renacimiento, and La Vanguardia. Most revolutionary papers were published outside the country either in Madrid or Barcelona due to Spanish censorship

Ang Kalayaan Daily Express (1972)

The only newspaper published by Juan Perez but reportedly owned by a Marcos crony, Roberto Benedicto, was the only existing print media at the onset of Martial Law.

Malaya (1983)

An English tabloid which replaced Forum, published by Jose Burgos on January 17, 1983.

La Independencia La Iglesia Filipina Independiente La Illustration FIlipino