The AIJC Graduate School Alumni

Year Alumni Thesis/Special Projects Name Alumni Student Name and Home/Office Address

A Public Relations Office for NSO: A Study on NSO PR Practices and Needs

Preciosa B. Astillero (+)

Former Chair, Communication Arts Dept., Trinity College, 275 E. Rodriquez Sr. Blvd. Q.C.


A User-Oriented Strategy for Science and Technology Popularization

Belen P. Dayauon (+)

Vice President for HRD & Asst. Dean, AIJC

Communicating the IAD Program thru Training: NACIAD Experience

Virginia M. Santos

President, Synergy, Inc. (Manila, Phil.), 114 Stanforf St., Cubao, Q. C.


A Feasibility Study on Putting Up a Community Newspaper Serving Los Banos, Calamba and Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Ely G. Lumdang

National Council of Social Development, ERDA Bldg., 66 Linao St., Sta. Mesa Heights, QC.


Evaluation and Cost Analysis of Printing PCARRD Publications

Norma V. Llemit

67A Midland Manor Park Condominium, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan

Towards a More Effective and Relevant Broadcast Internship Program for Communication Students in the Philippines: A Proposal

Emma J. Fabian (Mrs. Achim Est)

Former AIJC Project Coordinator, PREZIVSAST RABE, 39/VII 8000 Munchen 81, West Germany


Televised Violence and Its Effects on Youths from 16 to 26 Years Old in Metro Manila

Magda Ahmed Amer

Former employee of Embassy (Translator)