Advanced Communication Theory

Starts: 25 May, 2016
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Instructors: Advanced Communication Theory
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Course Title: Advanced Communication Theory (201)
Schedule of Offering: 2nd Trimester AY 2018-2019
Schedule of Classes: Thursday 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Professor: Dr. Paz H. Diaz

Course Description: This course attempts to cover the changing general conceptions of science as a whole and of the social science of human communication in particular, the beginnings of communication as a discipline (here and abroad) and a comparison of the Eastern and Western theories.

It scrutinizes the two world views, the five genres, and the seven traditions in the field of communication theory including some of the theories illustrating these genres. Basic concepts in theory construction and model building are demonstrated, and the intertwining of theory and research and its application in the analysis of communication and information issues and problems are also explored.