Civic Journalism (213)

Starts: 18 November, 2016
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Instructors: Civic Journalism (213)
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Course Title: Civic Journalism (213)
Schedule of Offering: 1st Trimester AY 2019-2020
Professor: Prof. Cristine Culibao
Schedule of Classes: Saturday, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Concept and practice of civic or public journalism, an interventionist model of journalism developed in the 1990s by American journalists who were disillusioned by the minimal impact of conventional journalism on public interest. Recognizing their responsibility to push the “national debate” on issues critical to the solution of social problems, they were dismayed to see that there was no such national debate and that half-baked palliative to social problems were implemented without public involvement. Their decision to take responsibility led to the birth of public or civic journalism. This course also discusses models parallel to civic journalism, such as the Philippine-born development journalism, and participatory learning and action.