Quick Questions

Simply Answered.

  • After completing 15 academic units, the graduate student will earn a Graduate Certificate in Communication or in Journalism.
  • After completing 12 more academic units, the graduate student will earn a Graduate Diploma in Communication or in Journalism.
  • And, after completing 12 more academic units, the graduate student will obtain the degree of Master of Arts in Communication or Master of Arts in Journalism.

  • The classes are held at the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication: Ground floor, NOW Planet Building, 2244 Espana Extension, Sampaloc, Manila.
  • To complete one course, which is usually composed of 3 units, students attend 3-hour classes for one trimester.
  • The class schedule is prepared for every trimester and may include weekdays and/or Saturdays.
  • Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, all classes are held via distance mode using common platforms that are easy to use.

  • The M.A. Program is meant for six trimesters or around two years, depending on how many courses the graduate student takes per trimester.
  • The recommendation is for the graduate student to enroll in 9 units for three consecutive trimesters, 6 units on the fourth trimester, then, take the comprehensive examination, and finally enroll in the 6-unit thesis course or the special project course for the sixth trimester to finish the program in two years.
  • The M.A. Program consists of 33 academic units plus 6 thesis units: a total of 39 units.

The student may pay the tuition for the trimester in full upon enrollment. As a concession, upon enrollment, the student may settle at least 50% of the total tuition fee assessed for the trimester. The remaining 50% may be settled by installment, following the payment scheme and due dates set by AIJC.


1st payment –upon enrollment and registration

2nd payment – Midterm

3rd payment – Final term