Online References on Journalist Safety Amidst COVID-19

Online References on Journalist Safety Amidst COVID-19

Reporting and Covering COVID-19

  1. Coronavirus: Resources for Reporters
  2. Reporting and Covid-19: Tips for Journalists
  3. Covering Coronavirus:  Advice for Video Journalists
  4. Working With Victims and Survivors
  5. Covering Coronavirus: An Online Course For Journalists
  6. Editor Perspective: Self-Care Practices and Peer Support for the Newsroom
  7. How Journalists Around The World Are Covering The Coronavirus
  8. Mental Health Tips And Resources For Journalists
  9. Reporting The Covid-19 Unknown:  How Reporters In Philippines  Do Their Job
  10. Self Care Tips for News Media
  11. Tips for News Managers: Covering Pandemics
  12. Tips for Reporting on Pandemics
  13. What Investigative Reporters Around The World Need To Be Asking About Covid-19
  14. Google, Facebook And Twitter Could Do More To Surface Fact-Checks About Coronavirus
  15. Coronavirus: Fact-Checkers From 30 Countries Are Fighting 3 Waves Of Misinformation


Economic Effects of COVID-19 on Media

  1. Timor Leste: Media Workers Face Salary Cuts During Covid-19 Pandemic
  2. Covid-19 Ravages Kenya’s Media Industry
  3. Croatia: Why are Journalists Not Covered in Government’s Emergency Measures?
  4. India: Multiple Media Outlets Lay Off Staff and Cut Pay During Covid-19
  5. Indonesia: Media Companies Cut Salaries in the Midst of Covid-19





Economic and Other Forms of Protection for Media in the age of COVID-19

  1. Unions say Life-Saving News Needs Support
  2. Australia: Regional Media Offered Covid-19 Lifeline
  3. Being a Journalist in Italy
  4. Governments and Employers Must Do More to Protect Workers
  5. Pakistan: Union Secures Punjab Covid-19 Relief Package
  6. Somalia: Government Recognises Media as  Essential Service in the Fight Against COVID – 19



Other Threats Faced by Media Amidst COVID-19

  1. Twenty-four Rights-Groups Call on Turkey to  Release all Those Arbitrarily Detained, Now at Risk of Covid-19
  2. Brazil: President Bolsonaro Targeting Professional Journalists  during COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Burundi: Media Freedom at Stake Ahead of Presidential Elections
  4. Cambodia: Journalist Arrested for Reporting  Hun Sen’s Advice on Covid-19
  5. China: Three Citizen Journalists Vanish;  Authorities Tighten Controls Amid COVID-19 Crisis
  6. China: IFJ Urges Chinese Authorities to Ensure Free Flow of Information
  7. COVID-19: IFJ and EFJ Urge Turkish Government  Not to Discriminate Against Political Prisoners
  8. COVID-19: IFJ Urges European Governments  Not to Limit and Control Press Conference Questions
  9. COVID-19: Serbian Government Must Guarantee  Free Flow of Information
  10. COVID-19: Restrictions on Access to Information in Romania
  11. Hungary: New Law Uses Covid-19 to Tackle Press Freedom
  12. Iran: Government Orders Nationwide Ban on Print Publications
  13. Iraq Bans Reuters Following Covid-19 report
  14. Jordan: Two Media Executives Arrested Following  Broadcasting of Virus Complaints
  15. Nepal: Media Rights Violations Go Unabated Amid the Lockdown
  16. South East Asia: Concerns over Authoritarian Clampdown
  17. Ukraine: Journalist Attacked While Investigating Sale of Protective Masks
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