Special Course on

Pandemic Response Planning: Crafting and Communicating Company Policies

Compliance and Efficiency through Effective Communication in the Workplace

This 16-hour Specialty Course is a comprehensive study program that allows professionals to create and communicate company policies to various stakeholders. This is designed for policy writers and management committee members to confidently convey the policies, which could result in increased adherence and compliance, positive workplace culture, and overall operational efficiency.

Course Schedules: July 06, 2024 July 13, 2024, July 20, 2024, July 27, 2024

Individual Rate: 12,000 PHP (210 USD)

Online Live via

Course Structure

Day 1: Foundations of Policy Writing

Session 1: Introduction to Policy Writing
– Do’s and dont’s in writing policies
– Identifying company objective and reflecting on company values
– Key principles of policy writing
– Overview of policy writing and its importance
– Key principles of clear and effective policy writing
– Understanding the audience and their needs
– Coherent structure and consistency

Test 1: Assessing the understanding of policy writing principles and structure

Day 2: Policy Development Process

Session 2: Developing Company Policies
– Identifying needs for policies
– Stakeholder research
– Drafting policy

Session 3: Legal and Ethical Considerations
– Ensuring legal compliance with Philippine laws and company regulations
– Ethical considerations and identifying challenges
– Avoiding common legal pitfalls

Test 2: Analyzing the policy strength through SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats)

Day 3: Incorporating Corporate Communication

Session 4: Crafting Communication Strategy
– Identifying the persona of the audiences for policy communication
– Designing tailor-fit strategies for different stakeholders
– Identifying available platforms and channels

Session 5: Promotion of Policy Adherance
– Building the culture of policy adherance
– Creating mechanism for feedback and fostering acceptance
– Boosting engagement (What’s in it for them?)

Test 3: Evaluating proficiency in communicating policies in the workplace

Day 4: Improving Workplace Culture

Session 6: Impact-driven policy communication and implementation
– Creating policies that foster a positive workplace culture
– Balancing policy enforcement with communication and employee engagement
– Committing for continuous improvement of policies based on feedback

Test 4: Improving a company policy through a Use Case and explain your strategic process


4-Week Study


4 Hours/Week


Live Online Classes


4 Tests, 1 Project






Dry Stamp Physical & Digital Certificate


MS Office/Google Suite, Zoom Professional, Viber

What You’ll Learn
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Confidently communicate company policies
  • Assist in creating sound policies in the company
  • Develop and implement excellent communication strategies to facilitate adhence and compliance to the policies
Class Schedules
  • Day 1: July 06, 1PM to 4pm
  • Day 2: July 13, 1PM to 4pm
  • Day 3: July 20, 1PM to 4pm
  • Day 4: July 27, 1PM to 4pm
Corporate Rates Available.

Special Packages and Rates are available for your organization.

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