Shows the historical development of communication in the Philippines from pre-Spanish times to the present.

Japanese Period 1941 - 1944


1941 - 1944

  • Underground Press flourished
  • Folk Media specifically the 'vodavil' had its second flowering in this era. Vodavil and zarzuela "provided people with the means of expressing popular feeling and hitting back the enemy with impunity."
  • Carlos P. Romulo of the Philippines Herald won the Pulitzer Prize in 1942
  • All radio stations were shut down except KZRH which was renamed PIAM, which the Japanese used as a mouthpiece.
  • Manila Tribune, Taliba and La Vanguardia were allowed to publish under regular censorship by the Japanese Imperial Army.
  • Although radio came in 1922 during the American period, it was the 1945 liberation from the Japanese which ushered in the real birth of broadcasting in the Philippines.