Shows the historical development of communication in the Philippines from pre-Spanish times to the present.

Spanish Period 1521 - 1900


1521 - 1637

  • Folk media cenaculo, pastores, pasyon, awit corrido, balagtasan, and balitao) flourished (1521-1898)
  • In 1593, Doctrina Christiana which contains basic teachings of the Roman Catholic Church was printed by being chiseled on blocks of wood from which an inked paper impression was taken. The first printing press which was run by hand was introduced at the University of Santo Tomas in 1593. 1st printing press.
  • News dissemination, via print was done by the Spanish government through a one-issue newsletter called hojas volantes or flying sheets.
  • The Sucesos Felices, the first Philippine newsletter, was published by Filipino book writer Tomas Pinpin in 1637. An example of hojas volantes, Sucesos reports on Spanish successes in Mindanao and the Moluccas.

1800 - 1848

  • In 1811, the first newspaper, Del Superior Govierno was printed by the Spanish Gov. Manuel Fernandez Folgueras in Manila as a result of the interest of the local community in the affairs of Spain. It was the first "formal" newspaper but folded after 15 issues over a six-month period.
  • Ramillete Patriotico was published in 1821. Short-lived newspapers followed this. Spanish censorship laws at this time greatly affected newspaper publication in the Philippines.
  • La Ezperanza, (December 1, 1846) the first daily newspaper in the country was published by the Spaniard Miguel Sanchez but lasted only three years. It escaped censorship by camouflaging its criticisms in essays, history and philosophy.
  • Diario de Manila which came out in 1848 was the best edited newspaper and lasted until 1899.

1862 - 1900

  • In 1862, El Pasig, a bilingual fortnightly in Spanish and Tagalog - signified the advent of the native press.
  • Diariong Tagalog, the first native daily, came out in 1892 but lasted only from three to five months.
  • El Ilocano, the "first newspaper that was genuinely native," came out in 1889 and lasted until 1896.
  • In 1896, U.S.T. Faculty of Philosophy and Letters Offered Litt. B. in Journalism, PH.B. (Bachelor of Philosophy), 1965, Present offerings include A.B. with majors in Asian Studies, Communication Arts, Journalism, Literature, Philosopy, Political Science and Sociology.
  • In 1893, El Hogar, first publication by women, was published.
  • In 1898, Kalayaan, the official organ of the Philippine revolutionary movement KKK was published. Unfortunately, there was only one issue. Also published at this time were the La Independencia, La Libertad, El Heraldo de Ilolio, all revolutionary in theme.
  • In 1889, La Solidaridad, with articles authored by national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was first published in Spain. El Ilocano, the first genuinely native newspaper was also published at this time and it lasted until 1896.