Master in Communication Major in Public Relations and Corporate Communication Program

The Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC), in partnership with Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP), has launched the Master in Communication Major in Public Relations and Corporate Communication program. The newly-approved program is the first professional master's program in communication and the first to emphasize academe-industry partnership.

The Program is best suited for PR and marketing communication practitioners and can be completed in fifteen (15) months requiring only 30 units inclusive of three (3) units of a capstone or practice-based project.

The capstone or practice-based project may include an evidence-based PR plan, research-based PR tools, evaluation of PR campaign, mobile apps for PR campaigns, and comprehensive PR and Marketing Communication training design, enhancement of APR program, etc.

Join us at the forefront of innovation and collaboration, where theory meets practice and boundaries fade away. Elevate your career and redefine the future of communication with the Master in Communication Major in Public Relations and Corporate Communication program.

Applicants for admission to the AIJC Graduate School may be admitted after satisfying the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in journalism or communication
  • Work experience in any communication-related job
  • Accomplished GS Online Application for Admission Form [Link Here] with attached documents:
    • Updated comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume
    • Soft/Scanned Copy of Original Transcript of Records from previous college/University
    • Soft/Scanned Copy of School Diploma from previous college/University
    • Two letters of recommendation from previous professors and/or employers
    • Hi-Resolution 1×1 ID picture with white background
    • Proof Payment for PhP1,050.00 Admissions Fee (Bank Details will be in the Link)
  • 1-on-1 Admission Test and Interview [To be Scheduled]

In addition, Foreign students should present a Certificate of Eligibility and Study Permit from the Department of Education, and a copy of their Alien Certification and Registration.

Transferees may submit a true copy of their grades for assessment; relevant courses may be credited toward the AIJC program they want to pursue.



We want to make it easy yet still comprehensive and hands-on by leveraging digital tools to aid in your admission journey.

Step 1: Accomplish the GS Online Application Form and submit the required documents [Link Here]

Step 2: Once confirmed, our Admissions Officer will verify your Interview and Entrance Exam Schedule via Mobile/Email.

Step 3: Ace the 1-on-1 Live Online Test and Interview (allot 2 hours).

Step 4: When you succeed, you will receive an Acceptance Letter (which would contain the Enrollment Rates) and a Conforme which you’ll need to sign and send a copy to our admissions officer.

Step 5: Process the Tuition Fee Payment via Bank Transfer and send Proof of Payment via Mobile/Email to our admissions officer.

Step 6: Once all is done, you’ll receive the Schedule of Classes and an exclusive invitation to join the AIJC MS Teams App Group.

*Check the Enrollment Schedule Here.

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Program Syllabus and Schedule
  • Communication and Related Social Science Models and Theories

    3 Units

  • Communication Audit

    3 Units

Required Courses: (6 units)

Any two of the following:

  • Strategic Communication Program Management

    3 Units

  • Stakeholder Relations Management

    3 Units

  • Ethics, Media Laws, and Relevant Transnational Agreements.

    3 Units

Major Courses: (6 units)

Any two of the following:

  • Managing Communication Research, Assessment, and Evaluation Programs

    3 Units

  • Social Media Management

    3 Units

  • Government Relations and Lobbying

    3 Units

  • Issues Management and Crisis Communication

    3 Units

  • Communication for Development

    3 Units

  • Global Communication Environment

    3 Units

Any two of the following:

  • Business for Communication

    3 Units

  • Consumer Behavior and Change Communication

    3 Units

  • Identity, Brand, and Reputation Management

    3 Units

  • According to CMO 15, s 2019, a capstone project “culminates the student’s academic or learning experience.

    It provides the student an opportunity to exhibit the knowledge and skills obtained during the course of graduate study. The student presents the capstone project to a panel or committee of experts for grading and evaluation.”

    The capstone project also may be in the form of a reentry plan. It will identify the concrete changes to be made by the student in the performance of his/her work, incorporating lessons gained or competencies acquired from the graduate program he/she is about to complete.

    The capstone project shall identify research-based innovative strategies and activities and the expected outcomes.

    Evidence of the capstone project's realism and practicability, degree of ease in implementation, and feasibility in terms of cost should be given special attention.

What You Get:

  • Schedule Online Live Sessions via Zoom Professional
  • Recorded Session Library Available
  • PDF E-Modules
  • AIJC E-Book Library
  • In-Person Huddles/Events
  • AIJC Hybrid Graduation Ceremony

Class Schedules:

  • Every Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

*Manila, Philippine Time

Recognized by:

Courses Description

Managing Communication Research, Assessment, and Evaluation Programs

Techniques and tools in using quantitative and qualitative communication research methods including conduct of online research.

Social Media Management

Social media ecosystems, digital media policies, social media analytics for strategy planning and decision-making, and engaging content and messages.

Government Relations and Lobbying

Effective communication with governmental offices, especially regulatory agencies, reviewing the foundations of governmental representation, and designing lobbying strategies.

Issues Management and Crisis Communication

Managing existing or emerging issues to prevent the onset of a crisis situation and strategies to prevent escalation and/or resolve crisis situations. Application of communication principles, techniques, and tools before, during, and after emergency and disaster situations.

Communication for Development

The course begins with a review of development models and theories including development criteria and indicators. Development is viewed from a comprehensive perspective, i.e. economic, political and socio-cultural. Also discussed are development issues and concerns at the global, national and local community level.

Who this MA is for

Public Relations Managers and Consultants:

  • This program caters to professionals already in corporate PR and communication roles. It offers advanced training in strategic communication planning, crisis management, stakeholder engagement, and reputation management, empowering professionals to drive organizational goals and maintain brand reputation in corporate environments.

Social Media Managers/Strategists:

  • Digital media strategists and social media managers play a pivotal role in shaping brand perceptions, engaging audiences, and managing online reputation. This program provides specialized training in digital communication strategies, and crisis communication in digital environments, empowering professionals to leverage digital platforms effectively and drive brand success.

Government Public Affairs Officers:

  • Public affairs officers working within government agencies require a nuanced understanding of communication strategies to effectively engage with stakeholders and disseminate important information to the public. This program offers tailored coursework in government communication, crisis management, and strategic public relations.

Investor Relations Managers:

  • Investor relations managers and financial communication specialists play a crucial role in maintaining transparent communication with investors, analysts, and financial stakeholders. This program offers specialized training in financial PR, investor relations strategies, financial reporting, and corporate governance, empowering professionals to effectively communicate financial performance, corporate strategy, and investment opportunities
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