Communication Management

AIJC’s areas of competence in communication management include: information needs assessment; knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) survey; training needs analysis; communication audit; change management; management information system; communication planning; communication network design; and communication program monitoring and evaluation.

AIJC’s services in the above areas have been provided to key government agencies including the Office of the President, Supreme Court of the Philippines, various line agencies such as the Departments of Education (DepEd), Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Agriculture (DA), Agrarian Reform (DAR), Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), and Energy (DOE).

The Institute provided services to the Supreme Court in 1998 to 2010 through projects funded by various international development agencies including the World Bank, UNDP and USAID (through the Asia Foundation). These projects with the Court were on evaluation of communication program of the judiciary, change management, communication support for the Judicial Reform Program, strengthening judiciary-media relations, and a communication program for the mediation project, communication program for the Shari’a courts, and communication materials.

Since communication plays a critical role in change management (organizational change), AIJC has provided change management services to critical government agencies including the Supreme Court, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Bureau of Customs (BOC).

The flow of information and documents within organizations such as the Supreme Court, DENR and DAR has improved after recommendations of internal communication audit undertaken by AIJC in these government offices were put in place.

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